{ by david linsin }

April 07, 2007

Another one

Today was interval training, which means I'd try to run as fast as possible until I hit 178-180. I would then slow down until my heart rate was around 167-165 and start sprinting again. This way I managed to run 8.7 km in 42:35 minutes with an average heart rate of 170.

The run was okay, not very challenging, cause I noticed something very useful. Whenever my heart rate is at a peek, I breathe out very strongly that helps to slow down my heart rate more quickly. From time to time I kinda forget breathing out strongly and I noticed, that my heart rate stays almost the same and doesn't slow down. The problem is that breathing heavily in general is a little unaesthetic, it suggests that you are very tired, but i guess that's a small price to pay.



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