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April 09, 2007


A couple of days ago I finally managed to find the time to integrate feedburner with my blog. I have had an account for almost a year now, but never found the time to install it. I like the feedburner add-ons, so I decided to add an "email this", "digg this" and "twit this" link to the bottom of my feeds.

I setup my post and comment feed to be managed by feedburner. To my surprise the blogger integration went seamlessly, cause feedburner provides a step-by-step guide for migration. I haven't checked out all the stuff feedburner provides, but I'm sure I'll do that in the future.

So all of you that subscribed to my old feed, change to the new feedburner posts feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/dlinsin or the comments feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/dlinsin_comments.


Jake Parrillo said...

Hey There David,

Welcome aboard! Glad you're using our service. We love feedback, so if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to give us a shout at publishers@feedburner.com.


Jake Parrillo
Publisher Services Team


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