{ by david linsin }

April 15, 2007

Stomach cramps

Yesterday I did my interval training and I made two mistakes which turned out to be quite painful. First of all I started at about 2pm which is not my usual time. On top of that it was almost 30° C yesterday and though it's only April, it was too hot for running.

Second mistake was not eating before running. I should have known better! But even after almost 1.5 years of running, I still haven't found the silver bullet, when it comes to the question of eating before going for a run.

Anyways, I set the interval to 165-178, which was almost the same as last Saturday. The difference was that I tried to be very strict: I only start sprinting when my heart rate dropped below 165 and I wouldn't stop before it hit 179. The first couple of intervals went pretty good. It was fairly tough, but that's the whole point.

After a while my stomach started hurting and after a sprint it got so bad that it was hard to breath. I was on the verge of canceling my run, which I've never done before - and I also didn't stop it this time. I did a couple if more sprints, though I was in pain and I finished the 8.7 km after 43:37 minutes. That's over one minute slower than last week. My average heart rate was 167.



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