{ by david linsin }

March 12, 2007

The sky is the limit...

...after I managed to get a new pair of legs! No seriously, I can really feel how exhausted my legs are and that's why I decided to change my running training. It might not seem to be a good idea, since it's only 8 weeks until I want to take part at a run called "Badische Meile", but I believe it's best for my performance.

Today I managed to cover 8.7 km in 40:06 minutes with an average heart rate of 176. That's pretty good actually, well at least I'm satisfied.

So what am I gonna change in my training? Well to be honest I don't know yet. Instead of running my 16 km course on Saturday, I'm probably going to do a short relaxed run on Friday evening, maybe 4 km or so. Additionally I'll maybe try to do a really tough one on Saturday, also about 4-6 km. I still have to give it some thoughts, any input is very welcome.



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