{ by david linsin }

December 02, 2006

The hardest part

I think the hardest part while running is believing in myself that I can go on! It's sometimes not easy to just let go and keep on moving my legs. Today was one of these days. Nevertheless the facts are good: 15 km in 1:16 hours. Still it was difficult today and it's even more difficult to describe why.

Let my try. Well there was this one point during todays run, when I though of how much more ground I'd still have to cover and how much longer I'd have to go on. And that very thought made the rest of the run very hard, cause I kept on thinking about how much longer and how much further all the time. It's similar to what happens towards the end of every running session, the last couple of km are always orders of magnitude harder.

Well at least I didn't complain about the weather this time ;-)



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