{ by david linsin }

November 29, 2006

Remember The Milk

"Remember The Milk" is a web-based task management application, which let's you create to-do lists, notes and reminders. I heard about "Remember The Milk" a couple of days ago and I've been using it extensively since then and I'm quite impressed. It works smoothly and it has got some nice features.

The most compelling reason for me to use it, is that integrates quite nicely with Google Calendar. So if you add "Remember The Milk"'s public Calendar, it enables it's features inside your Google Calendar. Another great feature is the rich set of meta data you can add to a task, you can add links, tags and locations to a task. The locations, for example, can be managed through Google Maps.

Unfortunately you cannot access all features through Google Calendar. Things likes searching tasks or adding notes only works through the "Remember The Milk" web-interface. Altogether it's a cool add-on to Google Calendar, though I would prefer Google to add a feature like that themselves.



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