{ by david linsin }

November 18, 2006

Something was different

Today my performance was really good! Not that I was running any faster, it still took me around 1:17 to hit 15 km. But something was different. It was really fun today, there was no moment whatsoever that I thought of giving up. For me, these moments usually come up towards the end of my course. Yes, I admit I had these moment and I still do have them. I'm proud to say though, that I've never given up so far. But that's not a big deal, I just slow down and keep on running with a slow pace for a while, that usually helps.

I think my performance today had something to do with my new running shoes. I switch from Asics to New Balance which are quite good I think. Since my old shoes are really worn out it feels like heaven running with the new ones. I was able to check out a couple of models today on a treadmill and it was a hard decision between Asics and New Balance. So far, after my first run, I think it was the right decision.



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