{ by david linsin }

July 22, 2007

Weekly Update: Half Marathon

This week I went for three runs again. Compared to last week I increased the distance by almost 10k to 33 km.

On Monday I went for a 10km run, nothing exciting, except for the weather. It was freaking hot, about 30°C. My average heart rate was 148 (~76%), which was a little bit too high. I blame it on the heat.

Wednesday was interval training. As you can see below I got the graph was I was asking for last week. My average heart rate was 147 (~75), which is quite reasonable for an interval training. It was not really challenging and I can't wait to increase speed and intensity.

On Saturday I went for 14k, which was the longest run in months. As you can see from the graph below it was a steady run. My average heart rate was 135 (~69%), which is really good. It took me 1 hour and 32 minutes, considering my heart rate there's plenty room for improvement.

56 days left until the half marathon and I think I'm on a good way to reach my goal of running the 21km in 1 hour and 50 minutes.



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