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July 26, 2007

Pownce API

Techcrunch reported that Pownce will open up and provide an API. In my opinion that's a little late, maybe too late. They should have provided an API first, even before their Desktop integration. I think these days an API is a killer criteria for an application. Without a clean and useful API your application can't be used in mash-ups and therefore won't be interesting to a lot of users.


Wesley Eldridge said...

its still in bata, so i dont think its took late. it would have been nice to have it from the start but i shouldn't hold them down. it took digg a long time to get one out.

David Linsin said...

Well the problem is, that once the buzz is over and people realize that the app is not able to interact with any exisiting application, they are moving on.

I know it's never too late and I'm actually pretty excited about the API. It would be cool to have a plazes/twitter/pownce mash-up.


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