{ by david linsin }

March 18, 2007

CO2 Emission for your flight

After booking my flight to Singapore yesterday, I was pointed to a site called atmosfair, which basically shows you the CO2 emission for the flight you just booked. It also compares that emission to other statistical data like a refrigerator or a car. It's quite interesting, though I think it's more likely meant to provoke a guilty conscience, at least that was the impact on me. So here are the stats for my flight:

emission per passenger for outbound and return flight: 7380 kg CO2
(Note that the emission of the plane was divided by the number of passengers. Unfortunately the site doesn't state the number)

now compare that to other stats

emission of a refrigerator per year: 100 kg CO2
(With an average energy mix)

The site also show the statistical emission of CO2 per year for a person from India, which is surprisingly only 900 kg. In contrast to that it states that a tolerable total of CO2 emission per year for person (I guess European) is 3000 kg.

Well as I said before, my guilt conscience was provoked, since according to that site I'm way over my limits this year.



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