{ by david linsin }

June 14, 2010


It was my first WWDC this year and I'm blown away in any aspect! In order to not sound like an Apple fan boy, I'll highlight 3 aspects, which every conference has and compare them to my previous developer conference experiences.

The speakers were all Apple engineers. They knew how to present and almost all of them were very entertaining and fun to listen to. Most important of all - they knew what they were talking about! This is something no conference I've ever been to can compete with - not even the Spring Source conferences! They were close, but mostly featured some pretty bad talks from none Spring Source consultants, which kind of ruined the experience!

This is one aspect that makes the conference worth attending. I could simply go up to the Core Animations guy and ask him why the stuff is not working as I expect it to. The best thing was, I got and answer that actually solved my problem!

Another aspect is the choice of topics and the quality of the presentations! Everything kind of fits in nicely to the whole App theme. You could listen to talks on Interface Design, followed by an in depth session on Core Animation and finish off with listening to the latest innovations on the new iPhone 4. The quality of each talk was amazing! This is the first conference ever, where I wasn't close to dozing off once! Every session was interesting and inspiring, although they sometimes overlapped in terms of content!

To be fair, I'm kind of new to the iPhone platform, so if everything was interesting for me. I don't know how that holds true for fellow developers working on iPhone Apps for a couple of years. Other conferences I attended had quality talks, too - no doubt! Devoxx, e.g. always had great talks, but there was mostly one or two a day and the rest was mostly boring.

Third and last is the organizational aspect of the conference. It's amazing how Apple manages to keep 5000 developers under control. The food, although not extensive, was very good. Soft drinks all through the day, as well as breakfast and lunch. Another thing that I was blown away is the Wifi. Apple managed to provide a fairly stable internet connection for 5000 developers with probably more than 10000 devices. It didn't always work, as you could see in Steve's keynote, but most of the time it was stable and fast.

Even though I had to travel almost a day, going back and forth to San Francisco and the conference tickets are super expensive, it's definitely worth it. So WWDC11, here I come!



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