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May 04, 2009

springOne 2009 recap

Last week I was at springOne 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Unfortunately the city left a bigger impression than the conference. There were a lot of people from SpringSource and quite a few interesting sessions, however I didn't get into the spring feeling that I was hoping for.

The most outstanding announcement for me was something called "Spring Roo". According to Ben Alex, it's

...a sophisticated round-tripping code generator that makes it quicker and easier than you've ever imagined to create and evolve Spring applications

You can leverage it to create applications with technologies like Spring, JPA and Spring MVC, using a shell-based approach with tab completion, hints and great default behavior. A big part of the opening keynote was dedicated to Spring Roo, where Ben live coded a simple web-based voting application. You can already download an alpha release and check it out.

Overall the keynotes were the most valuable sessions for me. Most of the others had a rather introductory character and were quite basic, which I think should not be the focus of such a conference. I'm a little disappointed, but nevertheless, I hope next year will be better.


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