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May 08, 2007

Follow up on Custom Google Maps

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Google releasing it's new custom map feature, which I've used a couple of times so far. I mentioned that it might get other map mashups like useamap into trouble.

On the comments Vinny Glennon from useamap.com replied, saying that he doesn't think so, since "Google will not try to swamp out its community of developers as they realise that the developers can quickly change over to another mapping source like Virtual Earth." I responded, saying I don't think it's possible to quickly adapt an application to another map tool. I also ask Vinny to prove me wrong and he did. Today I received this email:

Hi David,
Challenge accepted:). After coding for the weekend, I have been able to allow people to view their maps in Virtual Earth(Microsoft),Yahoo Maps and of course Google Maps. Of all the other open mapping api's,I believe these are the best of the bunch. If you know of another one,otherside of Mapquest and Multimaps, I would love to hear them.
As far as I know, this is the first time, that they 3 maps can be displayed together, but I could be wrong.
Another check it out at Here to see it for yourself.
Vinny you did it and you won the challenge ;-) I haven't checked it out thoroughly, but from a quick look it works great! I'll definitely write it about it after looking into it more precisely.



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