{ by david linsin }

April 16, 2007

I need a break

I'm tired, my legs are tired and my knees are starting to hurt. That's the summary of my condition less than 3 weeks before the 8.8 km run. So that leaves me with no choice but taking a break this week. That means no running on Friday and Saturday.

The reason for my decision is that today was really tough. My knees were kinda exhausted before I even started running, there was some kinda tension. At first it was okay, my legs felt great and my knees didn't hurt. Over time it got really bad. It was hard to lift my legs and my knees started to hurt. That's the point when I usually start to shift weight more to my back. And there's the next problem! My back is kinda weary too...

Okay enough of wining and back to the facts. Nevertheless, I ran the usual 8.7 km track in 38:53 minutes with an average heart rate of 177.



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