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April 06, 2007

Custom Google Maps

Google release "My Maps" today, which covered thoroughly here. It basically allows you to create your own maps and share them with other users through links or in search results. This could be a killer for applications like plazes, frappr or useamap, which are basically build around Google Maps. Those products have a user base though and they provide social networking features. But if Google starts incorporating stuff like comments or ratings they might be in trouble.


Unknown said...

Hi david,
I do not believe most serious map mashups will be affected by google's decision. Google will not try to swamp out its community of developers as they realise that the developers can quickly change over to another mapping source like Virtual Earth. Instead, in my opinion, they watch how the community grows, and picks what it considers as the most useful tools created. And there are way too many niches out there for google 'mymaps' to cover all angles, hence the need for all our mashups.
Vinny Glennon

David Linsin said...

Hey Vinny,

thx for your comment. Well I don't think Google tries to swamp out it's community at all. There are synergy effects and Google is using them to build their own product.

I'm not too sure if developers can easily change to another mapping source. I'm just too realistic and think it's not possible without a lot of efforts. Proof me wrong ;-)

As for the niches...actually I don't see that many. I guess there are use cases "My Maps" doesn't cover, but it'll will over time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating swamping out anybody or anything, I just think it could happen.


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