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March 24, 2007

Google Apps For Your Domain Migration

For over half a year now I have a GAFYD account, but I've never really used it. Now that they officially released it, I'm starting to migrate my emails. What sucks about GAFYD or gmail in general, is that you can't retrieve emails via POP3 from another gmail account. So I have to download all my emails, stored in my gmail account, to my server and retrieve it from there with my GAFYD account.

And here comes the tricky part: I have about 5000 emails and GAFYD lets you retrieve only 200 per hour through POP3. That makes migration very slow and kinda annoying. So far I migrated about 2000 of my emails and everything seems to work fine, even all the timestamps are still in place. Hopefully I'll soon be able to send emails which are really from david@linsin.de.


Anonymous said...

Gmail has POP now (POP3).


Anonymous said...

You can use POP (POP3) from one Gmail account to another:
SEE GMAIL HELP or read below:

From: brandon.mason
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 13:38:51 -0000
"Subject: Re: How to transfer all exist emails to another gmail account in one time???
You can do this using POP access in the old account and Mail Fetcher
in the new account.

First, enable POP access in your old GMail account:

Second, setup your new GMail account to fetch the mail from the other account:

This should transfer the email to the new account.

You are allowed to have 2800 megabytes of storage space. The bottom of your GMail window should tell you how much of this quota you've used. If you only have 2500 emails, you should not be anywhere near this limit."

Anonymous said...

No it's not possible! I've tried with several accounts and this is the outcome.

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