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December 06, 2010

Why Word Buzz doesn't support iOS 3.1

114x114.png Word Buzz supports 3.2+, which means it doesn't support iOS 3 on iPhone. Although, my software developer ego doesn't like the fact, that we don't support the older versions of iOS, it was the right decision to do so.

It was a business decision to not support iOS 3.1, that's the short story. Rumors have it, that there are less than 10% of iOS 3.x devices out there - including iPads. That's a small enough number, to justify locking out the folks, which haven't upgraded yet.

The long story is, that we simply didn't develop with iOS 3.1 in mind. The are so many new features in iOS 3.2, which we wanted to use, that we couldn't just port it back. Let me give you a few examples:

Since iOS 3.2 you can use custom fonts in an easy and simple fashion. You add an array to your Info.plist called UIAppFonts and each item contains the filename of the font you put into your App bundle. There has been no easy way of accomplishing this before iOS 3.2, so we didn't want to sacrifice design and roll-out the 3.1 version with a system font.

Another great new feature in iOS 3.2 are Gesture Recognizers. If you don't know what I'm talking about stop right here and go read up on it - you are missing out! Although, Word Buzz doesn't use Gesture Recognizers extensively, we didn't wanna g back to the 19th century and use those old UITouch event handling stuff.

Those were just the two most obvious examples out of many! We sat down and tried to make Word Buzz run on our iPhone 3G, which still runs 3.1.3, but after a day worth of coding, we gave up. We'd love to make it run, but we'll rather invest in future proofing Word Buzz, using Blocks and GCD! We can't wait to drop iOS 3.2 support!



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