{ by david linsin }

November 29, 2010

Word Buzz to support Game Center

114x114.png Today furryfishApps is proud to announce, that Word Buzz now supports Game Center. A lot of work went into making this happen and we learned quite a bit on the way. I won't go into technical detail here, but rather cover what we've implemented.

Word Buzz lets you share your highscore and achievements on Game Center. It comes with over 16 different themes (set of words) and a lot more available for download. Each of those themes gets its own score, which will be added to your overall highscore. The sum of all highscores is shared on Game Center.

Why didn't we just share the highscore of each theme? We couldn't! Game Center lets you only share up to 20 different highscores, which is probably reasonable. It might be a bit confusing to have 40 different highscore lists.

Word Buzz is available on all iOS devices. You can play on your iPhone as well as on your iPad or iPod touch. Unfortunately, there is no way with Game Center to sync more than 20 highscores between devices. That means, you cannot just pick up with your iPad, where you left off with your iPhone. We are working on a homegrown solution, but until that happens, it's best to stick on one device.

When playing Word Buzz, you can unlock over 10 different achievements. All of them are shared on Game Center automatically, as soon as you unlock them.

What happens if you are offline? Don't worry! Your achievements and highscores are safely stored on the device and uploaded to Game Center as soon as you sign in!

Go challenge your friends and enjoy Word Buzz with Game Center.



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