{ by david linsin }

May 20, 2007

Did you happen to know...

...that the smallest coin of Singapore's currency is 5 cent? No? Me neither, until I checked my receipt when I bought water at a supermarket. It says "CHANGE: $3.94" followed by "ROUNDED TO: $3.90". How strange is that? Well from a business perspective it is freaking cool! But from my perspective it sucks! I'm being cheated all the time!


Anonymous said...

...that the smallest coin of Singapore's currency is 5 cent?

no,it's 0.1 cent.

David Linsin said...

I doubt that there's a 0.1 cent coin, but if you mean a 1 cent coin, you are right. I should rephrase myself and say the smallest coin usually used in Singapore is 5 cent. There is a 1 cent coin, but it's rarely used and stores usually round amounts to pay or change returned to 5 cent amounts.

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