{ by david linsin }

March 20, 2007


My Twitter integration has a couple of bugs that I'm gonna fix soon. For instance if twitter is down, like right now, my presence box shows "Twitter reported
that I'm and according to plazes I'm doing that in Karlsruhe at dave's". That only makes sense to people from Mars, so I'll need to fix it for the people from planet earth.

Another problem is Twitter's lags and unresponsiveness. If the site is really slow, so is my blog, since it's waiting for the presence box to report my Twitter status. I'm still thinking of how to implement some kind of time-out handling.

Third and (hopefully) last thing is the reply syntax of Twitter. You can reply to someone's Twitter by adding "@username:" in front of your Twitter. So today I replied to a Twitter of Dominik and my presence box showed something like "Twitter reported
that I'm @dominik: it ain't easy and according to plazes I'm doing that in Karlsruhe at dave's". Yupp, that's another for our fellows from Mars.


Dominik said...

Yeah, I was struggling with this problem, too. In fact, it's the main reason I didn't put up a badge like this, yet.

David Linsin said...

You used to have the flash badge. Did you have the same problems like me, when Twitter wasn't available?


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