{ by david linsin }

March 19, 2007


Today running sucked, mostly because it was cold! Actually that's the summary for today's run and now I could stop, cause I'm a little huffy that my timing didn't improve. Especially after I only ran 8 km on Saturday.

I started off quite reasonable. My legs were feeling good and I was very fast during the first half of the run. The second half was a bit tougher. There was a group of joggers, which were not running my pace, so I wanted to overtook them. Unfortunately I had to wait and slow down for a while cause there was traffic coming my way. After I increased speed again and went on with my usual pace, I suddenly lost all my energy in my legs. It was like my legs were turned-off from one second to another. Form that point on everything went down the drain.

I finished the 8.7 km after 40:10 minutes with an average heart rate of 182. You can see that I had a hard time finishing this run with that timing, by looking at my avg. heart rate. Last week I only had 176 with the same timing.



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