{ by david linsin }

April 26, 2010

Is your App Accessible?

I recently bought an iPhone 3GS and while nothing is really new, just a lot faster, there's a menu in the settings which is called "Accessibility". I haven't noticed it before, but after reading through Apress' "The Business of iPhone App Development", I got curious. There is one setting, which is very interesting, called "White on Black".

This setting is for folks with any form of color-deficient vision. It helps them to still recognize the difference between certain colors. According to "The Business of iPhone App Development" roughly 1 out of 12 males of European decent are affected by this problem.

After reading this, I had to check how Doublemill looks like with this setting switched on. I'm proud to say, that it looks kinda cool and everything works as expected! See for yourself:

If you want to make your App accessible to the broadest audience possible, check if it works in Apple's "White on Black" mode.



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