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December 31, 2009

Top Content 2009

Like last year, I'd like to talk a little bit about my blog's top content of the year 2009, as well as a couple of interesting stats.

Let's start off with some statistics, in particular my blog's page views. They increased by almost 30% compared to last year. I think it's because of posting my blog entries on dzone. It brings a nice stream of visitors for each entry, especially if it's a controversial topic.

Unfortunately, the time which visitors spent reading through my blog entries did not increase significantly. That indicates readers are accessing a particular blog post, skim through it and then leave again. I would have loved, if people find more interesting content on their way reading through a particular entry. Since that isn't the case, I decided to revamp the style of my blog a couple of weeks ago and remove all unnecessary clutter to improve navigation and load time.

Let's get on with my blog's top content of the year 2009. This year's winner is my overview of the proposed JDK 7 language changes. It's not alone though, there is another blog entry in the top 5, which is about the future of Java the language. For me, there's one big surprise in those top 5 blog posts: my sample on JBoss Rules, which was the 3rd most accessed post in 2008 and moved up to the 2nd spot in 2009. The most amazing thing about this blog post is the fact that it was written in 2006. So without further ado, here's the top 5 bog posts:

1. More JDK 7 Language Changes
2. JBoss Rules Example
3. JDK 7 Language Changes Coined
4. Having Fun with JDK's tools.jar
5. Java Runtime.exec Opens Too Many Files

What's coming in 2010? To be honest, I don't really know. The past year I published on a weekly basis, which wasn't really a problem, because I had a lot to say. In 2010 I'm planning to change my personal focus from the Java platform to the iPhone platform, Objective-C and mobile development. There's still gonna be posts on Java, I just don't know how many and how regular.

I hope you enjoyed my regular take on development and Java this year! See you in 2010.


Moritz said...

Still Intressting in 2016. Keep it up :)


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