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August 03, 2009

JavaFX @ JUG-Ka

With our new logo, designed by Samuel Mellert, who held last month's session on Git, we want to start into the second half of 2009. There are a couple of exciting talks coming up at Java User Group Karlsruhe, beginning with an introduction to JavaFX this week. To get the latest updates of the JUG-Ka sign up for our Google Group or join us on XING.

Stefan Schneider from Sun Micorsystem is going to give an introductory level session on JavaFX, with samples and time for QA. Stefan gave a couple of talks here in Karlsruhe and I'm very pleased he is back with something new.

The session takes place this Wednesday at University Karlsruhe and starts at 7:15pm. As usual, JetBrains and ZeroTurnaround are each giving away a free license of one of their products. There'll be a lottery, so if you are interested in getting a free copy of IntelliJ or JavaRebel, send me an email to participate in the draw. The winners are gonna be announced at the end of the talk.

I'm sure you all know the DZone network, which provides all sorts of services and information for developers, like Javalobby, JRoller or EclipseZone. They also have a service called Refcardz - nice little cheat sheets on a variety of topcis. You can download those Refcardz and print them yourself or you can come by on Wednesday and get one for free. DZone was kind enough to provide a couple of professionally printed Refcardz, which I will give out at the end of the next talk.



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