{ by david linsin }

May 18, 2009

Is JavaFX Really the Future?


A java.net poll, which took votes over the past week, shows that a lot of developers are not quite sure, if JavaFX is the way to go in Java UI space. The "Editor's Daily Blog" tried to blandish the numbers:

The first thing to note is that more than 600 votes were cast. That means that this poll stimulated more community participation than any of the other recent polls. Does this matter? I think so. I think it suggests that, whatever may people think about the future of JavaFX, JavaFX is something that has captured their interest. People are following JavaFX.

To be fair, I voted for "It will endure as a secondary option". I'm not too sure if JavaFX will take off in the future. There was a lot of fuzz about it at last year's Devoxx. I talked to a couple of people back then, but all of them had different opinions. Some of them liked it, other were sceptical. However, the general opinion was "We'll have to wait and see!".

I rarely push out this kind of bash blog posts, but with Sun putting a lot of resources into JavaFX and this significant developer refusal, I think it's worth mentioning it.



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