{ by david linsin }

November 20, 2007

KSC Schlossparklauf 2007

Last Sunday I took part in the "KSC Schlossparklauf 2007", which is a 10k run (actually 9.9 km) conducted by the local sports club. The weather was horrible and so was my performance.

I made the 10k in 46:06 minutes, which is okay, considering that I haven't been running that much lately. That made me 187th out of 745. But I finished the 10k of the preparation run for the half marathon in only 45:09. Well, I could blame it on the weather. It was only 5°C and I after a couple of km I couldn't breath properly anymore, which lead to really bad stitches and I couldn't get rid of them for the entire run.

Considering all the circumstances I should be happy about my performance, but somehow it feels like a setback.



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