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September 07, 2007

If this is IPTV, I'm in

Today I got an invite for Zattoo, which claims to stream live TV to your PC using a desktop client application.

The installation went smooth, no problems at all. At start up Norton was complaining about the Zattoo application tying to connect to the net, which it obviously should. After mitigating that problem, everything was up and running - to my surprise it was running fast. Buffering takes less than a couple of seconds although I'm only running with 2 MBit/sec here. Sometimes switching channels doesn't even require buffering, it's like switching channels at your TV.

Sometimes the graphics are screwed like below, but overall it looks like above.

The application is still beta, but it's already very smooth. It doesn't need much memory or CPU, which in contrast to Joost is a big plus! From time to time, especially when I was doing some CPU intensive stuff, it would lag or even hang for a couple of seconds, but that shouldn't be a problem on a faster machine.

Bottom line: I love it! Give me more channels and I'm in! I don't need any interactive stuff like voting, chatting or message boards. It would be nice, but I rather have a clean and fast application than more features.


Anonymous said...

can anyone send me an invite to zattoo please...



David Linsin said...

Somehow I cannot find an invite link on the website and I don't have the client installed right now.

Gonna check on an invite option next week.


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