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June 17, 2007

Slowing starting all over

This week I only went for two runs instead of three. I thought I start all over slow after being ill for one week. I only did 8 km runs, so nothing groundbreaking there. I'm trying to go really slow in the beginning of my prep for the half marathon in September. Here are the stats for last week:

name | time in zone | time targeted in zone
Zone1 | 00:00:30 | 00:40:00
Zone2 | 00:04:57 | 00:60:00
Zone3 | 01:30:08 | 00:00:00
Zone4 | 00:06:55 | 00:00:00
Zone5 | 00:00:00 | 00:00:00
* What are these Zones?

So you can see there is some improvement. I'm really trying to stick to the plan and start slow, cause I think it's important to stabilize my performance. After that I'll start to increase the distance step by step. On the graph below you can see a sharp rise of my pace towards the end of the run, that's because it started raining and I tried to get home as quickly as possible.

Yesterday was the first time in weeks, that I ran with my New Balance shoes again. In order to use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, I had to attach it using duct tape. I found some helpful tips on the net and it worked pretty well, even though it was raining. Although I like my New Balance a lot, but compared to the Nike they are only my second choice.



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