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June 09, 2007

Revamped Plazes

The new Plazes had been released while I was on holidays, so it was time to check it out. My conclusion: I love it! It still got some bugs e.g. the new Plazer freezes from time to time, but I guess they are working on it. A major drawback for me is that they haven't updated their APIs yet.

I really like the group feature cause it brings some kind of social networking thinggy to Plazes. Another cool thing is the twitter-like status that you can set by Plazer, web or SMS. I really hope the Plazes guys give some thought to their APIs, so that all data will be easily accessible.

At the moment I'm working on integrating the new Plazes with Twitter and my presence box.


Anonymous said...

Hallo David,
Danke für Deinen Blogeintrag.
Hast Du den neuen Plazer getestet?
- für windows: http://blog.plazes.com/?p=163
- für mac:
Die API kommt noch.

David Linsin said...

Hi Anne,

den neuen Plazer habe ich bereits getestet, ist jedoch noch ein wenig buggy.

Auf die API bin icht gespannt! Wann soll die denn kommen?

Grüsse, David


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