{ by david linsin }

March 14, 2007

Twitter API

I checked out the Twitter API today and I think it really sucks that it's fairly limited. What I was basically trying to do is use my mobile phone to update my status, without sending an SMS. The API of Twitter only allows you to use HTTP POST to update your status. So I created a sample site at http://area51.linsin.de/twitter.html which uses an html form to post a new status.

It works with Firefox using my computer and it even works using the limited WAP browser of my Nokia 6230i, but it doesn't work with Opera Mini. The Twitter API uses http basic authentication and unfortunately the twitter site is quite slow. Opera Mini seems to have a very short timeout or problems handling http basic authentication, since I can't get it to post my status.

If I have time I might write a little Java ME application which allows me to update my status using the phone's gprs connection. I have found a site called Yapmo.com, which has the mission to let us all "twitter better", but it's still in its infancy.



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