{ by david linsin }

February 03, 2007

Good weather - good performance

I'm going to limit my whining about the weather to the headline of this blog post - but yes my performance was better today and I strongly believe it's due to the good weather today.

I changed the 15 km course a little today and started off with the last kilometer that I'm usually running. My "strategy" today was: "Forget about the timing and have fun!". It was kinda tough not to run faster, but I stuck to my plan and it worked out in the end. In fact I managed to run 16.3 km today in 1 hours and 25 minutes. But the best thing is that my average heart rate was only 171.

One of the most important thing is that I really had fun today. I wasn't tired at all, so I managed to sprint the last 1.5 km and boost my heart rate up to 186. I even think I had a so called "runner's high", which Alex blogged about last week (read up more on it here).



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