{ by david linsin }

January 20, 2007

2nd round

Like Alex, whose blog I'm following since a while, I felt hurricane "Kyrill" today, when I ran my 15 km course through Karlsruhe. It was very windy and a couple of times I felt like I'm not moving at all though I was actually running.

Well unfortunately today I had to fight another battle, like last Saturday. I had a couple of stitches during running, which were really bad. I could hardly breath so my average heart rate today was amazingly 183. Overall I just felt not energetic at all today, so it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish the course.

At the moment I'm on a low carb diet, which I'm doing to support my other workout that I do besides running. I'm starting to think that my bad performances could be a side effect of that diet, since your body burns a lot of carb while running.



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