{ by david linsin }

October 15, 2005

Let's go!

I decided to move my blog to blogger.com! So this is kind of a fresh start, since my old posts are going to reside at my own webspace at http://archives.linsin.de.

At the moment I'm still thinking about how to keep all the links to my old blog online, while using http://blog.linsin.de to reach this blog. If someone wants to check out my suggest plug-in at http://blog.linsin.de/archives...version-06/ he still should be redirected to http://archives.linsin.de/archives....version-06/. If someone wants to check out http://blog.linsin.de he should be redirected to http://dlinsin.blogspot.com. Well I'll figure it out, in the mean time you can reach my old blog at http://blog.linsin.de.

I moved to blogger.com to escape hosting my own blog software. I hate updating and patching my blog, since it's a tedious job! I hope blogger.com will save me the trouble.



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