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October 28, 2010

What's new?

For the past couple of weeks it has been rather quiet here on my blog and there's a reason for that, as you can imagine.

furryfishApps.pngFirst of all, I'd like to announce our new company furryfishApps, which I've co-founded with my wife Sutini. My future private endeavors in terms of iOS development will all take place under the hood of furryfishApps. Sutini is in charge of all the marketing, social media and publicity tasks, which are so important, but we developers never have time for. I'm glad to have her on board!

We are still in the midst of figuring out what to put on our website, but we already have an awesome logo and you can follow us on Twitter.

Our first App is a fast and engaging spelling game called Word Buzz! It's your job to spell a bunch of words as fast as possible, without making any mistake. You'll be scored on how fast you can spell and there are a whole lot of achievements for you to unlock. Go grab it here on the App Store. We welcome any feedback on Twitter or Email.

Word Buzz is iPad only at the moment, but an iPod/iPhone version with Game Center support is underway. I'll have some posts coming up soon on how the development of Word Buzz came along. It was a pretty exciting ride, as you can imagine.


Martin Dobmeier said...

Hey, David

Wow, that's some news! Good luck! Hope it's taking off!


Sebastian Kayser said...

David, who's responsible for the logo(s)? Sutini? Sweet as! We could use something like that for opencsw.org ;) Thumbs up!

David Linsin said...

hi Sebastian,

glad you like the logo! Sutini was in charge of the logo and had a designer doing it for us: (http://www.logorado.com/).

Regards, david


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