{ by david linsin }

January 25, 2010

Community Gathering @ JUG-Ka

After the first successful JUG Karlsruhe talk on Groovy, we will kick off the community involvement with a gathering this coming Wednesday.

Everybody who wants to get involved in our little Java User Group here in Karlsruhe is invited. We are looking for people with lots of ideas, sense of community and passion. I prepared a couple of slides, which will help us structure the gathering, but mainly we are hoping to get your feedback and ideas heard.

You can help steer the JUG in the direction which you want it to go. Just join us on Wednesday at 7:15pm, the usual time and the usual place. The University of Karlsruhe kindly sponsored a room (SR-107), which is located in the basement, next to the usual location.

I'm looking forward to see you guys on Wednesday to share some ideas on how to improve your Java User Group Karlsruhe.



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