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August 31, 2009

Java & Flex @ JUG-Ka

I was amazed how many people showed up at our last session on JavaFX and I would love to see such a crowd at every session.

Was it the new technology, that made so many people show up? Was it the fact that it was about client development? Or was it simply because we had a speaker from Sun? I'm really curious to know and I would love to get some feedback, in order to improve the topics of our sessions.

This Wednesday, our new theme on client development continues with a session on Flex & Java. Adobe Flex is a framework for building web and desktop clients. Corneliu Vasile Creanga from Adobe, will give us an overview of the framework and how it can interact with Java. The session starts at 7:15pm, this Wednesday and takes place at University Karlsruhe room 101 in the basement.

There will also be our monthly lottery, where JetBrains and ZeroTurnaround are each giving away a free license of one of their products. If you are interested in getting a free copy of IntelliJ or JavaRebel, send me an email to participate in the draw. The winners are gonna be announced at the end of the talk.

We have a lot more exciting talks coming up this year. To stay on top of things, sign up for our Google Group or join us on XING.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I have absolutely no interest in client development, so Java FX was one of my blind spots. Attending the JUG meeting was the perfect opportunity to find out what it's about. But like I guessed, I didn't miss much, Java FX is simply not cool enough for me to consider doing frontend development.

Oh, and I don't care where the speaker is employed or how fancy the slides are. What I like about the JUG is that you can ask questions and meet people, so I prefer the talks with a bit of interaction (the git talk was great in this regard). Interactivity is key, otherwise I could just watch presentations on Parleys or listen to podcasts :)


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