{ by david linsin }

August 23, 2007

Java 6 Installation

I know I'm a java developer and I might be biased in my opinion, but I was really impressed by the seamless and easy installation of Java SE6.

I had this blog post in the pipe for a while, but after reading over and over again about how bad java's user experience, in respect to JRE deployment is, I just had to put this one out. Most of the time people are comparing applets with flash apps and when it comes to startup time, responsiveness and usability, I agree that Flash wins - big time. I don't agree on deployment though. I think installing flash is as cumbersome as java and SE 6 made it a lot easier to get it on your system.

I recently installed it on a windows system myself and I was prepared to face all kinds of decisions, but to my suprise it didn't bother me with any details, it was ready to go in no time.

When it comes to size and deployment of the JRE, I think the efforts of Sun are going to make it even easier to get it up and running.



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