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August 27, 2007

Blogger comments feed broken

Yesterday I noticed, that my recent_comment widget was broken. The cause of that was blogger changing the structure of the comments feed - at least that's what I suppose. Anyways after checking the Help Group, I found that other folks have the same problems too. I decided to create a yahoo pipe to mess around with the comments feed so that it can be displayed using blogger's feed widget. It's not perfect, but you can at least see the recent comments.


CincyBlurg said...

So, I was able to get your pipes cloned and working for me, but how did you add it to your blog?

david said...


you can just use the feed widget, which you can add as a page element. The pipe gives you an rss feed that you can hook up with the feed widget.

Regards, David

inner said...

thanks, im using it

but i hope blogger fix feeds to old way


david said...

Well, blogger took notice, that's a start, I guess.

Henitsirk said...

Thanks David, I hope Blogger fixes whatever they did even if it wasn't their "fault"!

I found this post by Googling "blogger comment feed".

Leo Piccioli said...

Thanks, it was really useful

Gail said...

Hi david-
I've learned a lot of great "stuff" reading your blog. I got here through the Blogger broken comment feed post. Thanks for sharing!

Gambits from Gail

ar3ac said...

Thanks a lot , my recent comments are turned back!!

kike said...

no clue about how to use this in my blog :)

any more descriptive help?


Авто Профит said...

А как прочитать комментарии к статье. Не нашла эту ссылку. Авто Профит.

david said...

Check out my follow-up post here. I hope it'll be more helpful.

kike said...

got it


by the way, the blog is http://revistavicaro.blogspot.com. Spanish.


andrew said...

You rule man, thanks a lot for your help!

elisa said...

Blogger has a lot of bugs with comment-forms:(

Anonymous said...
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