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June 09, 2007

web 2.0 baton

Although I lost focus I catched Dominik's baton:

Do you use Social Bookmarking/Networking sites like Digg, Yigg, Mister Wong or del.icio.us? If yes, which?
Only reading digg but not participating

Are you watching videos on sites like youtube, seveload or dailymotion?
If yes, what kind of videos are you mostly watching?
Hardly, if I'm watching online videos ist mostly music videos

Do you know resp. use Flickr?
I know it but I prefer picasa

What do you think about services like twitter or frazr?
I love them, especially plazes

How many rss feed subscriptions do you have?

Are you reading them daily?
If they publish daily, yes

How many blogs do you maintain?
only this one

Do you leave comments on other blogs? If yes what are you commenting about?
Yes, mostly stuff that I have something to say about.

Who is your king of blogging in Germany?
Dominik, obviously.

Do you think blogs are here to stay or are they a temporary hype?
Don't know, don't care

Do you think your blog(s) are still gonna be around that time?

Who are you gonna pass the baton to?
Sutini, someone I absolutely don't know FSUG (searched Google's blogsearch with the first thing that came to my mind: Singapore) and finally someone I'm interested in hearing his opinion: vinny from useamap


Unknown said...

reached this post through technorati. Saw a link to my blog :)

will check this out later. gotta go!


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