{ by david linsin }

May 26, 2007

Swimming or Running

As I wrote a couple of days ago, it's freaking hot here in Singapore and going for a run feels more like swimming to me. I'm soaking wet after only a couple of hundred meters and I cannot tell if I just went for a bath or a run.

Anyways, since everything is rather cheap here in Singapore, I got myself a new pair of running shoes. The "Nike Air Structure Triax 10" together with an iPod kit. I was never a fan of listening to music while running, but it seems to be okay. The iPod kit works well and it shows you a couple of neat stats about your run. I'll post a follow up on my thoughts about the Nike+iPod gear when I'm back in Germany. For now I guess it's a really cool toy to play around with.

The shoes are great! I tried about 4 different models of Nike and Adidas over the past two weeks and the Nike Structure Triax was very comfortable from the beginning. I'm a strong overpronator, so the model is perfect for me. It provides stability but quite good motion control at the same time. As I said before, more about it when I'm back.



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