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May 18, 2007

Finally Arrived

After a 14 hours flight, with an unplanned stop in Bangkok, I finally arrived in Singapore. It's my second day here and I'm at Vivo City, where Sutini works. It's a real hassle for me to get used to this keyboard layout, but I'll try my best.

Surprisingly I can take the heat here quite well! I'm still sweating, but it's okay. Yesterday Sutini and I took a bum boat ride along the Singapore river. It was really nice and I took a lot of pictures (which need to be uploaded sometimes). Unfortunately it started to rain in the afternoon, so we got pretty wet.

I have to admit, the hotel I'm staying at is a mess, literally! I wouldn't suggest it to anyone! Well, I will get through the 17 days. I'm trying to spend as less time as possible at the hotel!


Dominik said...

You would suggest it to anyone? Or wouldn't? :)

David Linsin said...

I wouln't definitely not! Thanks for the hint Dominik!


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