{ by david linsin }

April 09, 2007

Hard work

Let me start off by saying that the weather today was awesome! It was sunny, warm and there was no cloud whatsoever! Yeah it sounds great, but unfortunately I underestimated the nice weather! I didn't drink enough and eat enough, which all came back to me while I was running my 8.7 km track.

The last couple of days were very relaxing, which I could definitely feel in my legs. They were powerful and quite energetic all through the track. As for my stamina, at half of the distance I was almost at my limits! The sun was burning, I was thirsty and I felt like fainting. All I could do was slow down and watch the clock ticking.

I finished after 38:57 minutes with an average heart rate of 179. I know it looks good, but I just can't seem to find any improvement in my stamina and there are only 5 weeks left until the 8.8 km run.



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