{ by david linsin }

January 17, 2007


Nimbuzz - what a cool name for a product! And the product itself is even cooler! Well actually it's not a product it's more to a service. Nimbuzz allows you to communicate with yout buddies through your mobile phone. To get started you can either go to the Nimbuzz website using your mobile phone browser or you can download a Java ME application, which I think is much more convenient.

I downloaded the application myself and setup an account. Since Nimbuzz allows you to communicate with other IM services, I added Sutini which is using Google Talk to my buddy list. I can now see here status, send and receive messages from her througt my mobile phone. The coolest thing is, that I can also call her. Nimbuzz makes a simple phone call to a German number, I guess located in Frankfurt, and after a short while the Google Talk client receives an incoming call. Right now Nimbuzz only support Google Talk as an external IM service, but ICQ, AIM and other are about to follow.

I like the service a lot, it's really cool. The Java ME client works smoothly and I also like the idea of making international calls from my mobile phone, but only paying national rates. My Nimbuzz user name is "dlinsin".



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