{ by david linsin }

December 16, 2006

Getting back on track

A little roundup on the past couple of days, since I haven't been blogging since last week. I was quite busy with work the first couple of days this week, so on Monday I couldn't go for a run. I had two days off, Thursday and Friday, so today I was trying to get back on track after not running for exactly two weeks.

I must say I didn't think it would be that hard! I'm still feeling the aftermath of the cold, so I couldn't give a 100%, but that's no excuse - at least not for me! I covered my 15 km track in 1:25, which is still reasonable. It's just that I was really on the verge of just giving up, cause to be honest, it wasn't fun!

I'm hoping that I can give a 100% next time, and that my performance is going back to normal in the next couple of days.



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