{ by david linsin }

December 31, 2006

Back to normal

After running in Kadelburg, my old hometown, I'm back in Karlsruhe doing my usual course. My brother and sister gave me a Polar running watch, which lets me track my heart rate during running. I used it yesterday during my 15 km course, which I managed to run in 1:17 hours.

I was quite surprised, that I'm running with an average heart rate of 174, which is almost 90% of my maximum heart rate. I determined my max. heart rate using a standard equation: max. hr = 220 - age. I think it's not very accurate, I also read about other ways to find out your max. heart rate, which I think are more accurate.

Overall running yesterday was fun! I had some good sprints were I was able to push my heart rate up to 187 and then easily bringing it down to 177 - 180 again. Next Saturday I'll be running Kadelburg again, I'm really interested in my average heart rate with all the elevation on that course.



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