{ by david linsin }

June 13, 2008


The last 2 days I attended SpringOne08. It was even better than last year, although it was only 2 instead of 3 days. I met a couple of nice fellow developers and learned quite a bit about the Spring Framework.

I'm not gonna summarize any sessions here since you can already find blogs out there already covering a lot of sessions. I just like to point out, that there was one ubiquitos topic: OSGi. SpringSource is heavily backing OSGi, with Spring Dynamic Modules as well as their new product SpringSource Application Platform (S2AP). It's a topic you won't get passed if you are developing enterprise applications.

From a technical point of view I find this very interesting. I wonder how that will affect the application server market. I guess it's still early for predications, but you should definitely keep a close eye on S2AP.



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