{ by david linsin }

June 07, 2008

SpringOne 2008 coming

SpringOne 2008 is coming next week and taking place in Antwerp, Belgium again. I was there last year and I can only recommend conferences held by the BeJug. They are usually well organized and you get the chance to talk to a lot of fellow developers.

I checked out the conference schedule and unlike last year, there is a lot more Spring stuff covered. All the sessions are packed with topics on the different parts of the Spring Portfolio. A lot of talks are covering OSGi and the recently announced Spring Application Platform. Those are exactly the topics I'm interested in, because we use some of them on my current project. Last year there were a lot of general sessions, e.g. Eric Evans was speaking on Domain Driven Design.

There is one thing, that never seems to change though: the sessions I'm interested in are always taking place at the exact same time.



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