{ by david linsin }

December 31, 2007

Are You A Member...

... of the 5% club? You don't about the 5% club? According to Bruce Eckle
... 5% of programmers are 20x more productive than the other 95%...
He continues to give a very plausible explanation of his statement:
Roughly 80% of programmers don't read books, don't go to conferences, don't continue learning, don't do anything but what they covered in college. Maybe they've gotten a job in a big company where they can do the same thing over and over. The other 20% struggle with their profession: they read, try to learn things, listen to podcasts, go to user group meetings and sometimes a conference. 80% of this 20% are not very successful yet; they're still beginning, still trying. The other 20% of this 20% -- that's about 5% of the whole who are 20x more productive.
If this rings a bell, welcome to the club! You are probably one of the 20% of developers who are at least trying to be more productive.

I'm not claiming that I'm a member of the "5% more productive club", but I am claiming that I'm a proud member of the "20% struggle with their profession club". Sometimes I think every developer should be among those struggling 20%. For me it's about passion and dedication, which should be part of everything you love to do. Only if those two qualities are present, you will enjoy struggling with your profession.



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