{ by david linsin }

September 13, 2007


Yesterday I checked out the new site Listphile, which offers you a Google Base like web 2.0 application to create and share multimedia lists. You can read a short analyzes of the site over at TechCrunch.

I really like the site, but I can't think of a use case without having an API. Maybe my sentiment about applications like Listphile are mostly driven by thinking too much like a software engineer. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to submit data by hand, I don't know. At least I could think of something to do with Listphile, if I had an API to fill a list with data.

As a side note, I really like that they have an openid integration, so there is no need to setup another account and create another profile!


steviedb said...

Hi David -- open API coming! Send me an email at listphile -at- gmail -dot- com if you'd like to be notified when it's available. I totally agree with you that it will be valuable, and it's just a matter of priorities to get it up and running.


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