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August 10, 2007

This is so true

It's actually sacry, but Alberto Savoia hit the nail on the head once again, describing his views on the book Beautiful Code.

You are a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed developer. You have just finished reading the book Beautiful Code and you are ready to create some binary beauty of your own. You can’t wait to put what you’ve learned into action. You fire up your IDE and, as the blob of code that you’ve inherited and have to work with slowly loads, the brightness in your eyes is replaced by a glazed look. A minute later your bushy tail hangs limply in defeat. Reality sets in. Beautiful Code goes back on the shelf, next to Programming Pearls and Six-Pac Abs in Seven Days.


The odds of finding truly beautiful code in most production systems seem to be on par with the odds of finding a well-read copy of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering in Paris Hilton’s apartment.

I experience this everyday and sometimes I wish I could just change my profession and do something like working construction and actually build something beautiful. Nevertheless I've never stopped trying to avoid ugly hacks and stand up for the more beautiful (and hopefully) better solution. But it can be hard and frustrating sometimes...


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